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;it's the way you whisper ____________it.drags.me.under&takes.me.home

admirers of maynard james keenan
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your mod[erator] :: interluding.

my deep-rooted infatuation w/maynard for the
better part of the past decade, induced me to
create this community.
maynard has helped me climb out of many billowing
tunnels. his words have inspired me to become a
better person by opening to heal.
his level of intellect is supreme, the man is an
absolute genius. and because of this, my love and
connection to him will forever be.

p.s.- haters of maynard / apc / tool ; will be banned immediately.
after all, you serve no real purpose here anyway.

p.s. - i'd appreciate no other communities being promoted here. thanks.
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